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Supplies and info:



A very nice catalog and web site


A very nice catalog and web site. Also has a good forum.


Supply store in Columbia, MD.



Source for dispensing supplies. Least expensive I've found for gas bottles.


Manufacture Sanitizing, cleaning and stabilizer products (PBW, StarSan, 5.2)


A fine Web site and magazine.


Web site store and catalog



A fine catalog and Web site. They also have a forum.


Excellent brewing software and forum.


Brewing software, and a forum.


  • Home page for KegMan Draft Beer and Seltzer Systems, Parts and Service (checkout the FAQs)




An excellent book either online or hard copy.









Grian info:











Various links on dispensing and balancing your draft system:


  • How to Carbonate & Dispense FOAM FREE Beer
    The Homebrew digest.org solves all of your kegging/carbonation problems in one page! Features Carbonation chart, Beer tubing/dispensing pressure Calculator, and a HUGE troubleshooting section.







  • White Labs Yeast
  • Pitchable tubes and lots of good info


    Smack packs and good info


    For starter info see how to below








    Basic Brewing Radio podcast

    Don't let the name fool you.  James Spencer, the host covers some advanced topics as well as the basics.  His guests have included many of the big names in brewing from "The Godfather of Homebrewing" Charlie P. to John Palmer.




    Grain Mills:




    Travel info:

    A great U.S. map resource for traveling beer lovers 





    Belgian info:

    The Multi Media Guide to Belgian Beer is a complete encyclopedia dedicated to locating, understanding, identifying, brewing, discussing and logging Belgian beer ...


    A website for Belgian beer of course


    Belgium for Beer Lovers. 130 breweries. Over 400 types of beer ... Yes, this is Belgium!


    Museum (Grote Market 10, Grand'Place, 1000 Brussels) BRUSSELS : City of Beer. ... OTHER BEER RELATED VISITS. The Brewery


    Ireland info:


    The Swift Guide to Ireland



    What is an Irish Pub?



    The Best Pubs in Ireland, Forum


    PC Wallpaper,

    An excellent site for PC wallpaper. Interesting to look at the various ads for beers of the world.

    Molecular Expressions: The Beershots Photo Gallery
    We have arranged the beer images by country. ... The links to individual beers lead to a page describing the beer with a 30-90 Kbyte JPEG image of that beer as seen through a microscope

    Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP)
    The BJCP is a non-profit organization that encourages the educational advancement of people interested in the evaluation of beer and related brewed products. ...


    yeast cross reference, keep in mind it may change



    Beer , A Wikapedia definition with lots of good info


    The Beer Recipator
    Formulate beer recipes online using your browser. Choose from a database of recipes submitted by other homebrewers. ... Welcome to the Beer Recipator! ...

    My Life Is Beer!
    Forums COS Pub Crawl Beer Stuff, USA & Canada Beer Bottle Collection, Sorted By Brewery Sorted By Region Search Statistics See a Random Beer! Reviews, ...

    Beer Of The Month Club: Specializing in monthly gift clubs, beer club, beer of the month, monthly beer club, beer of the month clubs, beer clubs, of the month ...

    How to order a beer in 47 languages.


    Mikes brew page


    Guinness Widget


    Boiling and Hops....

    One of the pages from the Bavarian Brewery Technologies website, lots of good info on the other pages as well.


    The Brewing Network, A multimedia resource for brewers and their craft




    Chapter 15 - Understanding the Mash pH

    15.4 Using Salts for Brewing Water Adjustment


    A nice list of links on the AHA site



    Identify commercial keg couplers:






              Make your own glassware. I did and it was painless. A great company to work with, very helpfull.

              They made stencils for me to apply to pint glasses and the process was rather simple with great results.

              If you only want to make a few glasses (I did 24) this is cheaper than having them made for you.


              A source for printed glassware at a reasonable cost with a manageable minimum order.







    The Brewery



    Hopping Rates of Malt Extracts


    Hop Variety Specifications


    Recipe Formulation by Brian Smithey


    Measuring Beer Color by Dave Whitman


    The Real Beer Page



    The Hop Page by Glenn Tinseth


    Norm Pyle's Hops FAQ


    Brewing Techniques Magazine



    Recipe Formulation


    Brewing Ingredients


    Brewing Styles



    American Wheat Beers by Roger Bergen


    Oktoberfest Alternatives by Roger Bergen


    Porters: Then and Now by Roger Bergen


    A Stout Companion by Roger Bergen.


    California Steaming by Roger Bergen


    India Pale Ale, Part I and Part II by Thom Tomlinson


    American Porters by Ben Jankowski


    Witbier: Belgian White by Martin Lodahl


    Old, Strong and Stock Ales by Martin Lodahl


    Belgian Trappists and Abbey Beers by Martin Lodahl


    Kolschbier by Forrest Williams


    Pre-Prohibition American Lagers by George Fix


    Create Your Own Recipe by Jeff Frane


    1998 AHA Style Descriptions


    HOPUNION U.S.A. - Hop data and information


    Briess Malting Company - Product information sheets


    Wyeast Laboratories - Yeast


    White Labs - Yeast


    How to:

    Yeast Starter, washing, pitching rates:





    • Risk of burns from super heated water, microwave









    • Stir bars for using with magnetic stirrer to make yeast starter




    Batch Sparging:








    Motorize Your Grain Mill


    Pulley(sheave) and belt information calculator


    Understanding Malt Analysis Sheets -- How to Become Fluent in Malt Analysis Interpretation
    by Greg Noonan


    Found theses links for wiring a temp controller


    Look at these links if your thinking of building a walk in cooler or cold room:



    The following five go together:



    Force Carbonation


    Other folks web sites I like:


    Another good site with lots of info and links


    Mikes home brewing page with lots of good info and links.


    Powers brewery
    This homebrewers setup has lots of good info on how and why he did it this way.


    A site offering many links to other home brewery setups. Great fun to look at when your planning to build your own.


    Hermit (Heat Exchanger Recirculating Mash Infusion Technique

    a fine site by Dennis Collins with lots of good info


    Jamil Zainasheff. aka MrMalty


    Keith Royster's RIMS


    Rick Calley’s RIMS


    McKenzie Brewing RIMS Brewing


    Old Station Brewing Co.


    Homebrew Exchange  A place to trade, talk, and live amateur-made wine and beer!


    George Schmidt's Brewing





    Brew Clubs:

    Libation Association

    Northern Maryland, Harford County brew club.


    Crabs brew

    Baltimore, Maryland


    Brewers United For Real Potables - Rockville, Maryland


    Wootown Brewers - Phoenix, Maryland


    Malt - The Brew Pot - Huntington House - 13031 Eleventh Street - Bowie, Maryland 20715 - 301-805-6799


    Midnight Homebrewers - Carroll County, Maryland



    Calculators for the new brewer that hasn't bought software yet these may be of interest.


    Beer Math Calculator


    brew calculator


    Homebrew Refractometer Calculations


    Potential Extract Tables


    Alcohol and calorie tables using OG and FG


    Proper Yeast Pitching Rates




    Alcohol & Calorie Content Calculator


    Pulley(sheave) and belt information calculator


    A variety of calculators, I like the “can I mash it” to see if it will fit your mash tun


    A water adjustment calculator you can download, link is from podcast Basic Brewing June 15,2006


    Mash Residual Alkalinity Adjustment Worksheet

    bottom of page to download calculators


    Refractometer pre and post fermentation calculator





    Homebrew Digest


    Northernbrewer Forum


    Homebrew Adventures Forum


    Midwestsupplies Forum


    Beer, Beer and More Beer aka B3 aka More Beer and Wine




    Brewing Dictionary

    See   www.answers.com   for in depth meanings






    This link is a good glossary as well




    A list of acronyms in the beer world


    Glossary of Styles



    Something added to beer other than malt, hops, water, and yeast. Like corn or sugar


    Top fermenting beer brewed at room temperature. Usually 68 to 72 degrees.

    All Grain

    The process of making beer with just grain. You use no DME or LME.


    To force air or oxygen into the wort.

    Air Lock

    A one way valve that allows carbon dioxide to escape while fermentation takes place.




    The death of yeast due to shock or lack of nutrients.


    The destruction of tissues or cells of an organism by the action of substances, such as enzymes, that are produced within the organism. Also called self-digestion.


    As it relates to wine, this is the decomposition of dead yeast cells after fermentation. Through lees contact, (see sur lie), this process can impart complex flavors to wine. There is some debate as to the optimal amount of time before autolysis produces the most profound effects, so the duration of lees contact ranges from some months to many years.


    Fermented beverage made from malt, water, yeast, and hops.

    Blow Off

    A method of expelling carbon dioxide gas by fitting tubing in the neck of the carboy and other end in pitcher of water.

    Bottle Conditioned

    Priming bottled beer with priming sugar and allowing to naturally carbonate.


    Device used to put bottle caps on bottles.

    Carbon Dioxide

    Gas that is produced by the yeast as it consumes the malt sugar.


    A glass jug usually 5 to 6 1/2 gallons used to ferment beer in.

    Chill Haze

    Temporary cloudiness of beer when chilled.


    A fermented beverage made with apple juice.


    Process where the starches in the grain are converted to sugar that can then be fermented.


    AKA corn sugar. This is used in priming beer.


    Dried malt extract.

    Dough In

    The process of adding grain and water to the mash tun.

    Dry Hopping

    Adding hops to the secondary to add aroma to beer. Usually for a week to two weeks.


    Conversion of sugar to carbon dioxide and alcohol. The results of yeast.

    FG or Final Gravity

    The ending gravity of beer after fermentation.


    Used to clear beer. Products such as Irish Moss, An edible North Atlantic seaweed (Chondrus crispus) that yields a mucilaginous substance used medicinally and in preparing jellies. Also called carrageen.


    Isinglass, isinglass (i'z?n-glas', i'zing-) A transparent, almost pure gelatin prepared from the air bladder of the sturgeon and certain other fishes and used as an adhesive and a clarifying agent.


    This is how yeast settles out after fermentation. Yeast's have different flocculation rates ie: low, med, or high


    Malt that has been processed by mashing and comes in the form of dry or liquid.

    Extraction rate

    This is a measurement of the starches that are converted to sugar during the mash.


    Used to give beer its flavor. Some say hops spice the beer.

    1. A twining vine (Humulus lupulus) having lobed leaves and green female flowers arranged in conelike spikes.
    2. hops The dried ripe flowers of this plant, containing a bitter aromatic oil. They are used in the brewing industry to prevent bacterial action and add the characteristic bitter taste to beer.


    Hot Break

    This is the gunk that settles out in the bottom of the kettle after it is cooled.


    A device that measures the amount of sugar in water. A brewer uses this to estimate the alcohol content in beer.

    Irish Moss

    A fining that is a form of seaweed. Used to clarify beer.

    An edible North Atlantic seaweed (Chondrus crispus) that yields a mucilaginous substance used medicinally and in preparing jellies. Also called carrageen.



    Foam that appears on top of fermenting beer.


    Bottom fermenting beer brewed at cooler temperatures. Usually 32 to 58 degrees for several weeks or longer..


    German word meaning (to store).


    To separate sweet wort from the spent grains.

    Lauter Tun

    This is a vessel where the malted barley and hot water convert starch to sugar.


    Liquid malt extract.


    A rating system for grain from 0 to 500+. The lower the number the lighter the color.


    Barley that has been soaked in water, allowed to sprout, and then dried.


    This is the grain and hot water mixture.


    Starch is converted to sugar by mixing hot water and malted barley.


    A fermented beverage made from honey.

    OG or Original Gravity

    This is the gravity reading before fermentation.


    A term used in beer making meaning to add yeast to wort.

    Primary Fermenter

    Usually a plastic or glass container used to ferment beer in.

    Priming Sugar

    AKA corn sugar. This is used in priming beer for carbonation at bottling time.


    A term used to check and make sure yeast is alive and healthy.


    A term used in brewing that means to move beer from one location to another.

    Racking Cane

    A long curved plastic tube used to transfer beer from one location to another.


    To add dry yeast to boiled and cooled water to slowly come back to life before pitching into wort.


    The German purity law of 1516 that states that beer can only contain water, malt, hops, and yeast.


    A root cutlet from a hop plant.


    To agitate or create turbulence. To mix.


    Solution to kill most bacteria on equipment.

    Secondary Fermenter

    A  container (usually glass may be stainless) used to clear beer that has been racked from the primary.


    Used to transfer beer from one place to another.


    This is a term used when a beer has been subjected to too much light.


    The process of running hot water over spent grains to extract remaining sugar.

    Specialty Grain

    Used to give beer color without adding much fermentables.


    Small batch of beer used to increase the amount of yeast cells.

    Strike temperature

    This is temperature you are shooting for when doing all grain. Initial infusion of  hot water to grain.


    A device to measure the temperature.


    The junk at the bottom of your pot after the boil. You should avoid adding this to the fermenter.


    Unfermented beer.

    Wort Chiller

    A device used to cool the wort.


    a microorganism that eats sugar and the by products are carbon dioxide and alcohol.


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