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Welcome to KVP Brewing.

"Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy"

                                             Ben Franklin     


 Hopefully you will find this site of interest.

 You will find recipes that I and others have found to be our favorites and photos of journeys we have taken. Hopefully they will inspire you to get out and enjoy all that nature has to offer.

 You will also find a links page with lots of good info for the new brewer & links to interesting sites.

Rather than describe how to brew on this site I figured the links will provide all the info you need.

 Thanks for visiting, Kevin Vee Presson    



Currently on tap                                       

 Basement kegerator:

1. Pours Lite
2. Munich Helles
3. Toasted Oatmal Vanilla Bourbon Stout
4. Chocolat Raspberry Stout
5. Pecan Nut Brown
6. Moscato (wine)

Mobile kegerator:


Sour Green Apple Lambic


Coming attractions:
Refectory Ale
Belgian Dubbel
Pepper Ale
Chocolate Raspberry Stout


2013 no entries
2012 no entries
2011 no entries
2010 no entries
2009 no entries

 Mead, Metheglin                 26A    2nd place Meadllennium 2008

 Weizen                           15A    1st place out of 5 Montgomery Co fair    
                                                                               (G.A.B.S.) 2007

Oktoberfest                     3B      3rd place out of 4 Montgomery Co fair      
                                                                                     (G.A.B.S.) 2007

 Jalapeno Pepper Ale          21A    2nd place of 16, AHA national first round

Jalapeno Pepper Ale          21A    1st place AHA national second round 2007

Jalapeno Pepper Ale          21A    2nd place Buzz Off 2007

Jalapeno Pepper Ale          21A    2nd place TRASH (Three Rivers Alliance of

Oktoberfest                      3B     2nd place Buzz Off 2007


American Wheat                6D      2nd place GABS 2006

Witbier                            16A     2nd place GABS 2006






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site updated   3-27-19 (on tap)

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